About CannDev

Real Estate

About CreSource Real Estate

CreSource Real Estate plays an integral role in the development of new cannabis retail locations in emerging markets.

We keep tabs on policy and regulatory developments in cities soon to open for cannabis retail so local real estate agents and brokers don't have to.

We work with the best retail operators seeking to expand their storefronts into new markets.

Our team has decades of cannabis development experience. We currently have over 30 cannabis projects in development. In addition to this we have been a part of 10 cannabis retail storefront licenses, and 2 large scale production facilities.

We've primarily been focused on California, and have recently launched in Michigan and New Jersey.


Our compliance team keeps in constant contact with the local municipalities' cannabis departments. Through the relationships at the municipal level and watching hearings, we are some of the first to know about key details being developed.

Retail Partners

Over the course of 3 years in the cannabis industry, the CannDev team has built strong relationships with retailers across the US and Canada. To date, we have developed over 30 locations in California with our retail operations partners.

Image: CreSource Locations